Moving Tips – Fernandina Beach moving company

One Month Prior to Move Day

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    Call Nassau Moving and reserve your requested move date. If you are moving in the summer, you may want to call Nassau Moving 1-2 months in advance to ensure availability on your desired date.

  • Notify the post office to obtain a change of address. (This can be done online by following the link.)
  • Notify your health care physician, dentist, and other service providers.
  • Order moving supplies. Nassau Moving offers reasonable pricing and delivery in Jacksonville area with minimum box purchase.
  • Donate unwanted items.
  • Schedule your elevator slot, reserve the loading dock, and parking space reservations for move day at both the pickup and delivery locations.
  • Begin packing; clearly mark boxes with a marker indicating which room they will be going into at delivery. This will save you money by reducing the amount of time the movers will be at your location. For more packing tips please visit our Packing Tips Section of Fernandina Beach movers website .

Two Weeks Prior to Move Day

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    Notify utility companies, as applicable:

    1. Telephone
    2. Cell Phone
    3. Electric
    4. Gas
    5. Cable
    6. Internet Service Provider
    7. Water
    8. Home Security or Alarm


  • Arrange dis-assembly of larger items such as pool tables, swing sets, etc.
  • Make parking permits arrangements, where applicable. With Nassau Moving Fernandina Beach your personal move consultant can advise you how to proceed with this.
  • Make arrangements for a babysitter and or pet boarding on the move day, if needed.
  • Dedicate time off from work to prepare for the move and to be present on move day.

One Week Prior to Move Day

  • Nassau Moving LLC. - Fernandina Beach movers

    Confirm move date and time with our moving company. With Nassau Moving Fernandina Beach , your personal move consultant will contact you 2-3 days prior to the move to ensure that all details are accurate for move day.

  • Provide our moving company with new telephone number or cellular phone number in case we need to contact you while en route.
  • Remove fragile and loose items from drawers and pack carefully in small moving boxes or advise your movers to pack these items separately.
  • Change address with all newspapers, magazine subscriptions, and other items you subscribe to.
  • Create a list of friends and family to mail or email new address and contact details.

One Day Prior to Move Day

  • Nassau Moving LLC. - Fernandina Beach movers

    Section off boxes of fragile items to one area of your home. Alert your Nassau Moving Fernandina Beach movers about these boxes on move day.

  • Distinguish furniture that is fragile prepare to bring it to the attention of your Nassau Moving Fernandina Beach moving crew.
  • Let our movers know which items in the location are NOT coming along for the trip.
  • Remove checkbook, house/car keys, passports, cash, credit/debit cards and prescription medications. We suggest that items like these should travel with our customer on move day.
  • Confirm that telephones are functional at new location and cell phones are charged.
  • Defrost, drain, wash, and dry refrigerators and freezers.
  • Drain waterbed.
  • Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers, motorcycles, snow blowers, etc.
  • Disconnect propane tank from gas grill. Your Nassau Moving Fernandina Beach moving crew will not be able to carry these items on the moving truck.

Non-transportable Items

When considering a Nassau Moving, LLC. Fernandina Beach take into consideration what items your movers cannot take with them on move day. The following items are examples of items that Nassau Moving Fernandina Beach, by federal law and internal policy, cannot transport.

Common examples include:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Household paint
  • Lighter fluid
  • Gasoline
  • Fireworks
  • Compressed air cans
  • Propane tanks from grills
  • Automotive repair and maintenance chemicals
  • Matches

Other items not recommended for relocation by Nassau Moving Fernandina Beach include:

  • Firearms
  • Food in glass jars and perishable foods
  • Lighter fluid
  • Prescription drugs needed for immediate use

The following personal items are recommended to be relocated to your new home in your vehicle:

  • Cash
  • Collections (i.e., coins)
  • Drivers License and State ID’s
  • Family photos
  • Important personal papers (i.e., deeds, wills)
  • Social Security Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Documents regarding your move.